Keratin Fusion Extension Information:

We offer Keratin Fusion Extensions; this is a semi-permanent option that can stay in your hair 3-6 months with the correct care.  We provide a FREE in person consultation to determine your desired length, thickness, and color match. During the consultation we can discuss which company would best fit you (Tony Odisho, Hair Dreams, Great Lengths), a price point, and set up an appointment for the initial application. *Please allow a few days between the consultation appointment and the application appointment.*

With the installation of your extensions we will inform you on the proper care, or visit our Extension Care section, so your extensions can stay beautiful and thick until your next visit.  For more information, please call and set up a consultation with one of our stylists.

Please visit our Gallery Page to see some before and after pictures that we have done.(page currently under constuction)

Extension Care

  • Once you have had the extensions installed we recommend waiting 24-48 hours before shampooing/ conditioning your hair and at least a week before coloring. 

  • When it is time to wash your hair, tilt your head back gently massage shampoo on scalp and work downward, rinse thoroughly, repeat steps if desired.  Condition hair by applying to mid-shaft and working through to the ends, being careful not to apply conditioner on the bonds of the extensions, comb through with fingers or wide tooth comb.  Rinse thoroughly.

  • To dry, do not rub or agitate while towel drying this can cause knotting with the extensions; instead pat with a towel and wrap to remove excess water.  Some companies recommend that you do not turn your head upside down while hair is still wet. 

  • You can use your normal products to style. 

  • When using hot tools, (straighteners, curling irons/wands, etc..) be careful to not touch the hot tool to the bond, this may cause the bond to loosen and possibly slip prematurely. Always use a heat protectant spray when dealing with any hot styling tools. 

  • Comb extensions 2-3 times daily to help keep the bonds separate from each other. 

  • Some loss of extensions is normal between salon visits; the average person experiences natural hair loss of 100-150 hairs daily because of this you may lose an extension here and there; do not be alarmed this is completely normal.

*Information about extensions is provided through each company we work with and is condensed for educational purposes.  Please be aware that we are licensed with 3 different companies, each with their own recommendations, talk with your stylist about what is the best care for YOU.*