if you have any additional questions or concerns please call, email, or come by and we would be happy to help!

How do I wash my wig/ How often do I need to wash it?

  • If you wear it everyday you only need to wash it once every 3 weeks or once a month.  If you wear it less than that, wash it when it starts to look like it needs it.  Over washing your wig can cause the capping and the hair to loosen

  • To wash; gently remove tangles with a comb, fill a sink or basin with enough cool water to cover piece (DO NOT use hot water, luke-warm or room temperature is fine)  Add one teaspoon of shampoo to every two quarts of water.  Submerge piece in the water and begin to gently lather, do not pull or tug on the hair or capping.  Rinse thoroughly in cool water until no bubbles appear. Pat out excess water with a towel (do not pull or tug the hair or the cap.  Do not wring or twist.) Hang by the tag upside down to dry. We recommend to use a clothespin to clip to the tag upside down.  Style accordingly with fingers or wide tooth comb.   

  • DO NOT put a wig on a mannequin head or form while it is wet, this will stretch the cap out and once it dries it will no longer fit your head!

How do I know what size wig will fit?

  • Wigs come in a few different sizes; Average (most popular), Large, Petite, Average Large, Petite Average, and some companies make Ultra Petite and Children's Wigs.  Each company has a different sizing chart, but generally speaking, most people just need an average.

  • We suggest to go to a wig shop and have them try on a few different sizes so you can see how they will fit on your head.  If you aren't able to make it in to a shop, you can measure your head and we can tell you what size you will most likely need. 

  • To measure;  1) ear to ear: place measuring tape just above the ear where hair growth begins, go over the top of the head to the same position above the opposite ear. 2) front to back: place measuring tape at front hair line, go over the top of the head to nape at occipital bone.  3) circumference: place measuring tape around the head, along the hair line at front - above ears - and across the back.

  • Most wigs also have adjustable straps in the back to tighten up. 

  • If a wig fits your head around the hairline but you still have a "gap" on the crown of your head, the wefts of the wig can be sewn to fit you closer.  (Only do this when the crown of the head has extra space.) 

What defines the price range of a wig?

  • There are multiple reasons that wigs are priced differently.  A few of the major factors are; the cap construction, the type of fiber the hair is made from, the company, and if it has any lace/ mono-filament on the cap or hairline.  The wigs we sell in our salon range between $140-$2,600.  This is just on average, we have a variety of wigs in different price ranges.  

Do I have to wear the hair net/cap under the wig?

  • It depends on the person and how it feels on your head.  Some women rely on the cap, saying that it helps to keep the wig on better.  Some women say that the caps are tight and might give them a head ache if they were to wear it for a long period of time. It is completely up to the person wearing the wig, and how it feels.
  • If you have hair that is longer than your wig or a different color, then it a hair net/cap might help to hold in your natural hair.  But if those are too tight on your head then you can just opt for wrapping or braiding your hair around your head and securing it with bobby pins.   

Can it be cut, layered, or thinned out?

  • Yes! Of course, any wig or piece can be cut to your liking. Our stylists are trained to customize wigs and pieces so that they will look natural on you. Keep in mind that with some wigs we can only cut to a certain amount, because if it is too short you will start to see the capping.  There is a technique used to cut wigs, so if you decide to cut your wig, please call us and set up an appointment. 

Can I use hot tools to style my wig?

  • If your wig is made of synthetic hair it CAN NOT have heat on it or it will melt the hair. It can however be styled by using a wig steamer, to add curl, volume, lay down, or straighten the hair.

  • If the type of hair or fiber is Human Hair, Heat Friendly Synthetic, or Human/Synthetic blended hair they have the ability to be styled using hot tools up to 350 degrees. (We recommend to use as low heat as possible to keep the integrity of your wig to long as possible.) If you use heat on your wig, we recommend to get a Thermal Protectant spray made for wigs, this will help to not over heat the hair when you use heat to change the style.

Can I color, dye, highlight, or perm my wig?

  • If your wig or piece is synthetic, blended (Human and  synthetic), or a heat friendly synthetic fiber; NO, it CAN NOT be color, highlighted, or permed.
  • IF your wig or piece is 100% HUMAN HAIR, then yes it is possible (but not recommended) to color or highlight it.  We recommend that you do not, because human hair pieces are made up of hair from multiple people, all with different natural color and textures; which makes it unpredictable when lightening. If you think you must change the color, then be careful to not let the color or chemical to touch the capping or sewn parts of the wig. 

How should I store my wig when I'm not wearing it?

  • You have a few options when you want to store your wig; you can use a Styrofoam or plastic head stand, hang it upside down by the tag in the back allowing the hair to fall as it would naturally, turning the wig inside out and placing it inside a box or even a plastic bag.
  • The only thing you need to remember when storing your wig is to not place it on a head, stand, or form while it is wet because it will stretch the cap.

How long will my wig or piece last me?

  • It completely depends on how well you take care of it.  Wash it when you need to (every few weeks), not over washing, not using heat every day, and being careful to not stretch the cap are a few simple things that you can do to help keep your wig in the best condition possible.  We have clients that have had some pieces and wigs for 5-6 years, and some that need to get a piece every year.  So it is all in how well you are taking care of it.